Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good Cheer

I love this photo of Francesca. Here she is in the pasture this beautiful foggy fall morning chomping on hay with a great expression. When I looked it on the computer it made me realize that none of this is really that serious.

Food miles, global warming, organic, certified organic, locavore, omnivore and that big one...sustainability: we take food so damn seriously. I needed to be reminded by Francesca this morning that it is just food; it comes from the earth, from animals, and it is tasty. That really is the long and short of it all.

Last night the table was filled with 20 people eating great food put on the table by Morgan Brownlow and I. It was loud, with lots of laughter and maybe even some screaming there for a bit. It is what dinner should be -- great food and great people. Period.

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