Friday, September 4, 2009

Cheese and Life

I love this farm life.  My commute is negligible.  I work for myself.  My table is always filled with the freshest and greatest of food.  There is not much chance of my being laid off.  My dogs are rarely more than fifty feet from me.

Saying that, this life does occasionally have a touch of real life in my otherwise fantastic set up. My eye that was hit by the tail of a cow -- specifically Dinah 2.0 -- had a bit of a trauma.  Three weeks ago the retina detached and had to be repaired.  I expected all to be good and fine;  most of my life always has been.  Alas, the surgery was unsuccessful and I am heading back in next week in an attempt to reattach the retina again.  

I am trying to find some grand lesson here. Something along the lines of 'even in this little garden of Eden a few snakes lie in the grass', or ' adult life is more than simply picking red, ripe, luscious strawberries and sitting in the sun with the dogs and eating them one by one'.   I think the best lesson is 'shit happens'.  

Although my physical being has been top on my list this past few days, what is truly more exciting is my cheese. I started making cheese officially two and a half months ago and I finally love what I am making.  The cheese is ripening nicely, the center filled with a golden, smooth texture, the rind white and firm without over drying.  The flavor is nice, full and a bit salty.  Not sure that I smell mushroom and truffles and earth, but I am not sure that I could even if it was there.

The labels are at the printers, the bar code set up, the trays of cheese ripening in the coolers.  I expect to begin selling these little white disks around town little by little.  So far they are on the menu at The Corson Building in Georgetown and John Sundstrom at Lark has asked for a box full for his great restaurant.  I am not sure where this project will take me, but I am enjoying the process; milking the cows, making the cheese, and selling it to great people.  With a bit of luck I will be able to see it all a bit clearer in the weeks to come.